Safer Hertfordshire Communities

Parents believe that conditions for today’s generation are completely different to their childhoods. From disruptive family life, schooling and few job prospects to the dangerous of drugs, crime and their personal safety, they believe that London has become an extremely dangerous place in recent years, and is now a less secure city to grow up in than ever before.

Young people also share some of these concerns, although they differently view them differently to their parents. They feel to blame the adult world for the problems in society almost children against the adults it may seem.

A small but growing minority carry around hurt of repeated exclusion from love within their families, from achievement in school and from a sense of belonging in the wider community they feel angry and upset and what they really needed all along was love and attention from their own family.
We provide you with important information that you will only benefit from.  Local people really can make a difference in society in engaging with young people and making their feel important and included in the local community.



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