Risk Factors

Risk factors
Figures on the rates of crime in Hertfordshire are increasing dramatically every single year and there are influential risk factors in children’s lives that increase the chances they will develop severe health and aggressive behaviour problems as they grow older.
Equally and even more importantly, there are protective factors that help to protect young people from problems in circumstances that would otherwise put them at risk.

Reasons for sudden behavioural changes:

  • Failure to attend school and poor exam results
  • School-age pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases

Or become involved in:

  • Misuse of drugs
  • Violence and crime from a young age

School risk factors:

  • Low achievement beginning in primary school;
  • Aggressive behaviour, including bullying;
  • Lack of commitment, including truancy;
  • School disorganisation.

Community risk factors:

  • Disadvantaged neighbourhood;
  • Community disorganisation and neglect;
  • Availability of drugs;
  • High turnover and lack of neighbourhood attachment.

Risk factors relating to individuals:

  • Alienation and lack of social commitment;
  • Attitudes that condone problem behaviour;
  • Early involvement in problem behaviour;
  • Friends involved in problem behaviour

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