Using Fireworks Safely in the Community

Fireworks are great fun for everybody, but without proper supervision and care, things can go wrong which will ruin all the joy you’re having. Follow our tips on staying safe and you should have one of the best evenings of the year.

Use legal fireworks only

Buy your fireworks from a trusted retailerOnly buy fireworks from shops and stands that are licensed to sell fireworks. Legal products will have the manufacturers label on equipped with safety instructions to guide you through the process of handling them.

If you are unsure about a fireworks dealer, always ask them for their license if you feel this will give you greater confidence in purchasing them. See types of licenses.

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Not only this, but they have a range of wholesale fireworks that are affordable and has everything you need to throw a successful party. Check out leading safety advice.

Placing them in a safe locationSafely use fireworks

Before using your fireworks, you should keep them in a cool, dry place where children and teenagers can’t get to them. If you store fireworks in a place that is damp or hot, it can damage the fireworks and increases the chance of them malfunctioning.

Spectators must be at a far distance

It is against the law for people under the age of 18 to be in possession of fireworks and is extremely dangerous for young children. Make sure that children, teenagers and viewers are standing far back with at least 50 feet distance from the area of fireworks. What’s the law?