Fun Ideas for Your Weekend

If you’re always finding yourself bored over the weekend and want to do something unique and cool, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a few ideas that we think would make for a good story to tell when you head back to work on Monday. Today, Communities That Care takes a look at a few ideas that are bound to be fun for you.

Explore the Spiritual World with a Psychic Reading!

You may or may not believe in anything spirits, but you haven’t got anything to lose by having a psychic reading at least once in your lifetime!

You may find yourself already reading a free daily horoscope every so often, but have you ever considered speaking to a real psychic?

Understand your personality and gain a unique perspective from a spiritual being. It will certainly make for an interesting conversation and story to tell.

Get Fit at a Trampoline Park!

Trampoline Parks are quickly becoming a popular activity for all ages in the UK.

They’re incredibly enjoyable, with a number of them offering a wide range of games and activities that involve trampolines.

More trampoline parks are beginning to offer a number of activities designed not just for kids, but for the whole family, including the parents!

Blast Back Into the Past with The Crystal Maze!

Escape rooms offer a fantastic time for friends, colleagues and families to have a great bonding experience.

However, with more escape rooms appearing across London, more places are offering unique experiences.

The Crystal Maze experience is based on the hit 90s show, with game areas based on what you may have seen on TV. It can be a great experience and a fun time out and you can read more about it here.

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