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The CtC Process

ukba_and_policeCommunities that Care as a process can work at both a local community level and also at a strategic level. Analysis of the particular risks influencing children leads to a strategy where genuine priorities are targeted for action, allowing informed decisions to be taken about existing services and the most effective way of delivering them. Gaps in provision are identified and filled by introducing new interventions which have a track record of success. 

The CtC publication ‘Promising Approaches’ provides details of projects and initiatives which are known from long-term research evidence to be effective in reducing risk factors.

The Research Base

Research shows there are influential risk factors in children’s lives that increase the chances they will develop health and behaviour problems as they grow older. Equally important, there are protective factors that help to shield young people from problems in circumstances that would otherwise place them at risk. Using a school survey and a step by step approach, Communities that Care makes it possible to map factors in the lives of local children that are making it more – or less – likely they will experience:-
school failure, school-age pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases;
or become involved in: