10 Easy Ways to Save Energy At Home

Energy saving light bulbs for your home

Make your home as energy efficient as possible with our 10 top tips:

  1. Turn off electrical goods – Do not leave appliances such as microwaves, TVs, videos, stereos, and computers on standby as they are still consuming energy even if they’re not being used.
  2. Use Lids When Cooking – Put a lid on your saucepan when you are boiling water. This keeps the heat in the pan so it will boil more quickly, reducing the amount of gas needed to heat the water.
  3. Install Glazed Windows and Rooflights – flat roof windows prevent heat loss and allow much more natural light into your home saving you energy.
  4. Only boil what you need – When filling an electric kettle measure out how much water you need first then pour it in to the kettle to avoid over filling it.
  5. Unplug equipment – once items such as mobile phones, shavers and electric toothbrushes are fully charged make sure to unplug them so that they do not keep drawing unnecessary electricity.
  6. Turn Off Lights – When you leave a room turn off the light. You can also use energy saving lightbulbs.
  7. Draw the curtains – Drawing the curtains helps to prevent the heat escaping from the room in the evenings. Read more about eco-friendly heating schemes.
  8. Fill your washing machine – Only do your washing when you have a full load and use a low temperature program.
  9. Shower instead of having a bath – Try to have more showers than baths as they use less water and take less energy to heat the water
  10. Turn down your thermostats by a few degrees – this will make a big difference in the amount of energy you use to heat your home.
  11. Use diesel instead of petrol
  • You could also join a car sharing scheme with neighbours and colleagues to save on fuel and emissions.

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